Bio-Gas Program

Always looking for experiences that no other operator provides, while maintaining an eco-spin on our offerings, Backpacker Concierge began organizing one-off trips to the Garbage City in 2010. For every 24 visitors that travel with the company to Garbage City, Backpacker Concierge will purchase the materials, assemble, and install a bio-gas digester for the community. Backpacker Concierge is actively promoting the area as an educational experience and is confident this goal will be met.

Step 1 – Transport of the container

Step 2 – Installing the inner chambers

Step 3 – Adding food scraps

Step 4 – Adding liquid

The Finished Product

Let there be methane!
Backpacker Concierge’s first bio-gas digester was installed in July 2010 at the local cafeteria that services the St. Samaan church complex within the Garbage City. It is a beautiful tranquil haven that seems miles away from, not only their own homes, but Cairo itself. As most members of the community are Coptic Christians, they spend a fair amount of time in and around the church.

This location was chosen because it truly is a focal point of the community and will expose everyone to what a bio-gas digester is and how it works. Additionally, the pastors here are the most trusted and influential members of the community. The fact that they understand and have approved the installation of this unit is a huge step in the right direction. Backpacker Concierge is pleased to announce that it is complete and due to the warm summer weather, the gas is flowing!

Often referred to as the ‘hungry cow’, a bio-gas digester is built with materials anyone in the world could find at their local hardware store – large plastic drums, valves, and tubing. Once assembled, an individual or family will begin loading the drums with food scraps that will ferment and produce odorless, colorless, and ‘green’ methane gas. This gas is routed to a nearby kitchen where it will fuel a burner, upon which one may cook an entire meal!

A bio-gas digester is cheap to build, eliminates standing waste, and eliminates the reliance on government utilities.
The first bio-gas digester was funded by:
- JP and family, Canada
- HV and family, USA/Afghanistan
- PS, Netherlands
- Employees and visitors of the British Embassy, Cairo
- Funds from Backpacker Concierge