Egypt: Immerse Yourself

Immerse Yourself

Backpacker Concierge clients have been asking for even more off-the-beaten path destinations and excursions that will intensify their experiences in Egypt.

Rather than simply pushing you towards lesser-known pyramids in the desert, we are bringing more human elements to our programs. Our goal is to shine a light on Egypt’s complicated culture and provide you with a deeper understanding of its inner workings.

These excursions are not for everyone – you will get dirty, you will travel long distances, and will cross paths with some colorful characters. Bring an open mind and a sense of adventure!


Cairo’s so-called “Garbage Community” has been thrust into the international spotlight with the release of Garbage Dreams, a documentary that follows three teenagers earning their living from the garbage trade. But anyone who steps inside the district of Menashayat Nasr quickly realizes that this is a world far removed from red carpets and critical acclaim.

Our half-day programs here will take you through this predominately Coptic Christian enclave – its monasteries, its churches, and its garbage. You will be led through the area by our colleague, a gentleman who is co-spearheading a biogas and solar project aimed at helping some of the area’s underprivileged citizens. You will learn about garbage, the controversies surrounding it, and how it is recycled to produce new products.

Perfect for people who know they can’t change the world in an afternoon, but are willing to try.

Bedouin Life

Egypt’s southeast corner, spreading from Marsa Alam to the Sudanese border, is dotted with some of the country’s last true Bedouin communities. The tribes here shift like the sand dunes of the West, slowly and at the whim of mother nature.

Our project here is currently only open to females, as you will be living with a Bedouin family. Your role will be that of an average woman of the Ababda tribe – herding the animals, retrieving water from a distant source, preparing meals for the family, and assembling small crafts to sell in the market.

Perfect for those interested in anthropology and escaping from modernity. This can be paired with snorkeling/diving and some nicer accommodation on the coast.


It does not take long for an outsider to notice that the animals of Egypt serve important functions, but are not always treated this way.

Our half-day programs are open to a maximum of two persons per morning and take place on the West Bank of Luxor. You will travel with a lovely lady and her veterinary assistant through the tiny villages while helping animals in need, replacing donkey and dog collars, assisting in operations, and teaching the locals some tricks to keep their animals happy and healthy.

Perfect for animal lovers who can handle the sight of blood.


Currently available in Marsa Alam and Sinai.

The Astronomy Center of Marsa Alam is unique in Egypt. Built into the mountains of the desert, it is undisturbed by noise or light from the nearby hotels. The presentation is performed by an astronomer who will help you understand the mystery of the universe (held in English, German and Italian). Real-time pictures are taken of the sky and projected onto a wide screen where they are brought to life with explanation. For about 7 days each month, the moon is too bright to see the stars, so there is a special moon program during this time frame.

A lower-tech version of this astrotour is also available in Sinai’s St. Katherine Protectorate. A portable high-powered telescope and astro-lazer may be brought to your campsite or ecolodge for a wonderful evening learning about our amazing skies.

Perfect for astro-geeks and divers who are looking to enrich their experience on the Red Sea.