Jordan: Classic Elements

Classic Elements

Our classic elements include the main highlights of Jordan that most clients decide to incorporate into their programs. These areas feature the best in Roman, Nabatean, and Bedouin history and if you were to only visit these sites, you would leave the kingdom quite satisfied.


To describe Petra in just a few lines is impossible, but we’ll try! It has natural beauty, art and architecture, history and a thriving modern culture which no visitor can avoid interaction with. Ultimately, Petra is so intriguing because of its ambiguous history and the countless mysteries that surround it. Petra is sure to exceed your expectations!

To add more color to your visit of the rose red city of Petra, follow our links below.

Dinner in Little Petra
Dinner with Bedouin Family
Petra Kitchen
Petra by Night

Jerash/Umm Qays

Just 45 minutes north of Amman is the best preserved Roman city in the world, Jerash. You can truly imagine yourself walking amongst the inhabitants of this ancient city as you admire its spectacular architecture and ancient charm. The site itself claims all the elements of a Roman city and even offers visitors the chance to see a working Hippodrome with real chariots.

As you travel through the Jordan Valley en route to Umm Qays, take time to enjoy the lush and beautiful landscape of the area. A visit to this interesting Hellinistic-Roman city includes exploration of the strange basalt stone ruins and views of the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee.

Wadi Rum

“Vast, echoing, and God-like” is how TE Lawrence once described this land. Wadi Rum is a fascinating desert landscape, favored mostly for its incredible rock formations that have developed over the years with the help of Mother Nature. They are best seen by way of a jeep safari, combined with an overnight in the desert allowing for both a sunset and sunrise experience. For those seeking adventure, there are some less traditional methods to visit this Nature Reserve which is considered to be the most beautiful desert in the region!

Sleeping Options:
Shared Bedouin-style camps
Private Bedouin camp
Boutique Camps

Exploration Options:
Camel Treks
Jeep Safari

Adventurous Add-ons:

Desert Castles

The famed Desert Castles of Jordan can be visited in a half or full-day format. We do suggest a guide to accompany you on this program, given the complicated history of these Ummayad, Ayyubid, and Ottoman outposts. This day-trip from Amman or Ajloun is also an amazing way to see more of the country and to be exposed to its rich and varied history.

The Desert Castles: Qasr Amra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and arguably the most interesting of the castles, as a result of its beautiful frescoes and mosaics. Azraq Castle is a wonderful fort that was constructed of black basalt, making it particularly unique. Finally, you have Qasr al Kharrana, a beautifully restored castle of excellent condition.

Dead Sea / Aqaba

The Dead Sea is truly amazing! The water itself is said to have healing properties and no one can argue with the exfoliating properties of its black mud. You may wish to spend your day soaking up the water’s rich minerals or experiencing a professional Dead Sea Spa treatment in what is quickly becoming the region’s premier spa destination. Those not interested in spending their time in a state of complete relaxation can make the Dead Sea a half day stop with any itinerary.

Aqaba is a Red Sea resort town that tends to attract tourists from Jordan itself, as well as the surrounding Arab states. It is certainly not off limits to foreigners, though, thanks to its world class snorkeling and diving. We use trusted local operators that will ensure for you a safe and pleasurable Red Sea experience during introductory dives, multi-day dives, and short snorkeling trips.

Upon arrival in Wadi Musa (the modern day city of Petra) why not have your first dinner within the sandstone walls of Little Petra? This is where the caravanserai once unloaded their camels and filled their bellies. It is the perfect introduction to what the city of Petra actually meant to the world in ancient times. You will enjoy an amazing local meal by candlelight and fire, while realizing who and what existed here in times past.

Recommended from April to October.


Groups and single travelers are able to join a family for dinner in Wadi Musa. Enjoy a simple local meal with members of one of the largest tribes in southern Jordan. In doing so, you will not only learn about local cuisine, but the customs and traditions that are so engrained in the act of eating in the Bedouin/Jordanian culture.


For many, this is the best meal to be had in Jordan! It is your chance to rub elbows with locals and fellow travelers while learning how to prepare a traditional Jordanian meal. You will be given the ingredients and instruction to create a dish in small groups. The best part is getting to eat the delicious food you made! In addition, you are able to take the night’s recipes home with you and impress your friends and family with your newfound culinary talents.


Petra by Night is not only a performance, but an atmospheric reminder of the pilgrimage made by many to this holy city during Nabatean times. You will walk slowly and in silence through the candlelit Siq until reaching the Treasury. Once there, all are seated and served tea while listening to the music and stories of the very people who inhabited the rock cut monuments of Petra for hundreds of years.

Available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday only.


Shared Bedouin-style camps have become wildly popular in Rum and the surrounding areas. Backpacker Concierge strives to find the most authentic experiences in the desert while still providing a decent level of comfort. You will find the camp is equipped with flushing toilets, bedding and great communal areas for relaxation time. Do note that these camps often cater to larger groups, as well.


The private Bedouin camps take you deeper into the reserve. Here, music and generators are forbidden, so as to give way to the natural symphony of the desert night! This option offers far less comforts, but a more remote and tranquil experience. You will be provided with a simple mattress and blankets that you are welcome to use in your goat hair tent or under the stars. Do note that these camps accommodate private groups and you may find 2-3 other guests here. Alternatively, we can reserve the camp for your private usage upon availability.


There is a more luxurious option for those who prefer to admire the desert by day and resign to comfort in the evening. We can offer full hotel-style amenities along with swimming pools in the middle of the desert (because we know camping just isn’t for everyone, even though the desert should be!)


Why not try the old fashioned way? We can offer sunrise or sunset camel rides guided by local Bedouin who know the all the best spots. Rides are generally 1-2 hours. Those wishing to have an extended camel trek in the desert may wish to participate in a wonderful 3-day trek and camping in the most remote areas of the reserve. Contact us for more details.


If camel riding isn’t your thing, then there is always a jeep available. Your local guides will take you through the desert to see some of the more unique rock formations and hidden treasures left by those who dwelled here in times past. In addition you will gain insight into how the remaining Bedouin survive in this desert. Jeep Safaris are generally 2-4 hours in length.


This gives you a magically different perspective of Wadi Rum. Imagine floating gently across this vast landscape. The balloons have plenty of space for you and your (new) friends for an experience you will never forget. All Aero-sports are weather permitting.


This is a fairly new and very exciting activity here in Rum. Microlighting gives you the impression that you are free flying above the rest of the world. You will be accompanied by a trained, professional pilot as they navigate and guide you through the desert from above. All Aero-sports are weather permitting.