Jordan: Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) is an NGO that began under the late King Hussein in 1966. The RSCN strives to protect and conserve the rich and varied bio-diversity of Jordan. In addition to the environment, the RSCN works hard to include the human element, as well. There are many socio-economic programs that are integrated into the general mission of the RSCN, some of which are offered here by Backpacker Concierge.


Boasting spectacular desert and mountain landscapes, this nature reserve is Jordan’s largest in the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) family. Many enjoy bird watching, hiking or just sitting back and enjoying the pure tranquility of the area. It is the perfect getaway for those interested in trekking, photography or even a writer’s retreat! You may wish to simply stop at Dana and enjoy the warm local hospitality for lunch or stay and camp for days. Whatever your interest, Dana is sure to please.

Lunch in Dana
Unique Camping in Dana


Mujib is often a thrill-seekers destination. The reserve itself is home to both Dead Sea coastline and the amazing Mujib Canyon. Mujib’s river system encourages a flourishing and diverse ecosystem. Some visit Wadi Mujib to explore and discover its countless flora and fauna. Others come specifically for the physical challenges that lie in the canyon’s flowing waters. Whatever your motivation, Mujib is a spectacular destination in Jordan.

Day-trip to Mujib (wet hike, abseiling)
Unique Mujib accommodation


Ajloun is a very special reserve in northern Jordan. Its lush forests include Evergreen Oak, Pine, Carob, Wild Pistachio and Wild Strawberry trees. As locals will tell you, the spring season is a magical time of year to visit this part of Jordan. One finds the hills and forest floors blanketed with wild flowers!

Due to its mild climate and agricultural possibilities this area is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited enclaves in the region. Therefore, you will find a wealth of archeological ruins and treasures just minutes away. For those interested in visiting the Roman city of Jerash, but not keen on staying in the city of Amman, Ajloun is a perfect overnight!

Hiking in Ajloun
Spending the night in Ajloun

Wadi Feynan

A very remote, environmentally-friendly lodge set at the edge of the beautiful Feynan and Dana Reserves. The lodge is solar powered and candle lit adding to its eco-friendliness and overall atmosphere.

There are several trails for hiking that can be done with or without a guide and mountain bikes are available for hire from the lodge itself. It is also possible to hike from Dana Reserve to Feynan through the gorgeous Wadi Dana. This is an experience for those who are fit and truly enjoy the quiet solitude of nature!

Available from September to June

Wadi Rum

“Vast, echoing, and God-like” is how TE Lawrence once described this land. Wadi Rum is a fascinating desert landscape, favored mostly for its incredible rock formations that have developed over the years with the help of Mother Nature. They are best seen by way of a jeep safari, combined with an overnight in the desert allowing for both a sunset and sunrise experience. For those seeking adventure, there are some less traditional methods to visit this Nature Reserve which is considered to be the most beautiful desert in the region!

Sleeping Options:
Shared Bedouin-style camps
Private Bedouin camp
Boutique Camps

Exploration Options:
Camel Treks
Jeep Safari

Adventurous Add-ons:

Not everyone has time to spend in the reserve for an overnight, but would still love the
experience of taking in this amazing place. We suggest enjoying a typical Jordanian meal at the
Dana Guesthouse where the chefs utilize local ingredients to create a special culinary experience.
We can arrange for individuals or groups to include this as a stop in just about any itinerary!


For those feeling especially adventurous, there is the amazing Rummana campsite. The
tents here are equipped with mattresses, blankets and pillows for a good level of comfort.
This campsite overlooks the gorgeous Jordan Rift Valley and offers wonderful hiking in the
surrounding area as well as the opportunity for star gazing at night. The entire facility is run by
the people of Dana and you will immediately feel a welcome guest here!

Available mid-March to October


A trip to Wadi Mujib is an exciting addition to all itineraries. There are several possibilities for hikes in this incredible canyon. You may wish to participate in the easy, self-guided Siq hike or get your adrenaline pumping on one of the more challenging trails that include assisted abseiling through waterfalls! Anyone wishing to participate in a wet hike must be a confident swimmer, and have no fear of high elevations. Prepare yourself for new heights at the world’s lowest nature reserve on earth!


This unique lodging experience resides on the shores of the Madash peninsula. The chalet village provides breathtaking views of the Dead Sea coast. Those interested in a more organic, less resort-focused experience at the Dead Sea may want to consider this option. In addition, the chalets are just a short distance from the Mujib Visitor’s Center and can be a great overnight option for anyone wishing to visit the canyon itself.


There are several levels of difficulty and length for hiking in Ajloun Forest. You can spend as little as 1 hour or as many as 10 hours hiking on the magnificent trails here.

Our favorite is Ajloun’s Village Orchard trail, a forest trek that allows visitors to interact with and support the local community. Your trek will take place in the evergreen oak forests and lush orchards, which pass through Baoun, Rasoon, and Orjan villages. Upon arrival in Orjan, you will visit the soap-maker’s house where takes place a wonderful project supporting women from the local villages by way of natural olive oil soap production. After your visit, you will enjoy a traditional home-made brunch in the village!

All trails are available year round, but depend upon weather


There are TWO options for lodging in Ajloun:

The first is the Ajloun Cabins. These cabins are designed to accommodate your wild side and lend basic comfort. All cabins have their own facilities and a peaceful breezy terrace to enjoy day and night.

There are also tented Bungalows for more earnest campers. They include shared facilities and little luxury, but will give you the original Ajloun experience.

Cabins are available year round, Bungalows from April to October


Shared Bedouin-style camps have become wildly popular in Rum and the surrounding areas. Backpacker Concierge strives to find the most authentic experiences in the desert while still providing a decent level of comfort. You will find the camp is equipped with flushing toilets, bedding and great communal areas for relaxation time. Do note that these camps often cater to larger groups, as well.


The private Bedouin camps take you deeper into the reserve. Here, music and generators are forbidden, so as to give way to the natural symphony of the desert night! This option offers far less comforts, but a more remote and tranquil experience. You will be provided with a simple mattress and blankets that you are welcome to use in your goat hair tent or under the stars. Do note that these camps accommodate private groups and you may find 2-3 other guests here. Alternatively, we can reserve the camp for your private usage upon availability.


There is a more luxurious option for those who prefer to admire the desert by day and resign to comfort in the evening. We can offer full hotel-style amenities along with swimming pools in the middle of the desert (because we know camping just isn’t for everyone, even though the desert should be!)


Why not try the old fashioned way? We can offer sunrise or sunset camel rides guided by local Bedouin who know the all the best spots. Rides are generally 1-2 hours. Those wishing to have an extended camel trek in the desert may wish to participate in a wonderful 3-day trek and camping in the most remote areas of the reserve. Contact us for more details.


If camel riding isn’t your thing, then there is always a jeep available. Your local guides will take you through the desert to see some of the more unique rock formations and hidden treasures left by those who dwelled here in times past. In addition you will gain insight into how the remaining Bedouin survive in this desert. Jeep Safaris are generally 2-4 hours in length.


This gives you a magically different perspective of Wadi Rum. Imagine floating gently across this vast landscape. The balloons have plenty of space for you and your (new) friends for an experience you will never forget. All Aero-sports are weather permitting.


This is a fairly new and very exciting activity here in Rum. Microlighting gives you the impression that you are free flying above the rest of the world. You will be accompanied by a trained, professional pilot as they navigate and guide you through the desert from above. All Aero-sports are weather permitting.